Over the past 2 years I’ve been a big Tech guy, I mean buying every new smartphone, looking into all the top developments in both software and hardware as well as making a lot of money re-selling my tech based research to VC companies, but during this time 2 things have become very clear, the first is technology is going to change the world beyond a recognisable point. You can see this already from 100 years ago, but the rate of change will increase at an alarming rate.

What new technology Brings

TeslaSecondly – How will this benefit us? – This is a question I ask to all my students in the tech and gaming community, how is this game or app or piece of software going to benefit us? – If you can answer this question definitively (such as how Tesla goes about their start-up monster) then you will have the power to take your technology business all the way to the bank and then some! If not then you will always be struggling.

How to Change the World – Bring Something Truly Valuable

I just wanted to write this article to talk about 1 key element I believe tech companies are struggling with. Everyone and their dad seems to want to be the next Facebook, Snapchat or Uber at the moment, with 90% failing miserably. The problem is there is no definitive purpose to the business, there is nothing valuable to what you are offering.

A quick business lesson – You can make £10,000,000 a year through smart decisions, but to make a billion a year you will need to change the way people think. I don’t just mean this for the money, I mean this from a value point of view, if you can give people something that is cheaper, works better than before and provides value, then guess what…. You have a billion dollar potential business, if you just tick the first 2 boxes then you have a 100 million business and obviously 1 is just around a million.

Think bigger. 

Change the world.


As you all know GTA V was an amazing game, I mean seriously awesome, I probably racked up close to 100 hours in the first couple of weeks of its release and I know most of my mates were the same. The realism mixed with the sheer un-realistic scenarios made for an awesome and entertaining game.

One thing I wanted to point out that I personally found pretty funny was the smoking, as the picture featured showed you could actually take drugs in the game. Although GTA really isn’t a PC (politically correct) game by any stretch I thought this was extra funny with all the e liquid talk the game developers had. If you didn’t know the game developers would also big fans of vaping and hence had stocks in a number of e liquid companies, as well as building their own, but I’m not 100% sure if that went through or not.

Anyway, my point is, in GTA 6 do you think we will see the introduction of vaping! Because I hope we do as that would be f*cking funny!

But the question is, do you even vape?!

Our theme of gaming can be introduced to almost any business. I found a good infographic that people should really take note of. This is the top tips for websites. Generally it applies to all websites including eCommerce, business and gaming but you can transition the simple approach and take it across to the world of gaming. The infographic is listed below.

website design tips for small business owners

At MOEcul we don’t really talk much about gaming in the educational industry, because well its a bit boring. But below is an educational post written by the team at The River School, A private school based in Worcestershire.

The role of video games have increased in the school curricula recently since the educators are seeking to deliver their core lessons such as reading and math in a way that will pick up their student’s interests. An increasing number of educators are seeing this method as a way to allow the students to take more engaging action in the way of learning as they enhance their skills in technology that they will need in order to succeed not only in their academics but also in their future professional careers.Parents are led to believe that games are bad for their kids. The young generation these days are exposed to technologies that were once only accessible to a select few by the older generation. What used to be spent in libraries to get books for research, children these days can only tap onto the keyboard, type in some words and they get their answer instantly. But because children find it more enjoyable to play games, it is time for the education to take their approach to a different level.

Below are some of the highly recommended educational gaming systems that will get your children into learning more.

  • Kawashima’s Brain and Body Exercises (Xbox 360) – this utilizes Kinect technology that senses full body motion in helping the brain and body get trained. When it comes to lessons at school, this game mixes both basic math and physical education. There are also mental problems posed into the game, in which the a particular physical element is needed for the answer. The purpose of the game is to lessen the “brain age” of every player through better performance in every test posed by the game.
  • National Geographic Challenge (PS3) – This game allows a maximum of 4 players to compete against each other to dominate the world. In order to achieve that goal, players will need to answer questions about history and geography. By giving the right answer, they are able to claim territories with it. This is a game that promotes “knowledge” as their weapon without the need for destroying physical objects in order to get more territories along the way. The game has about 4,000 questions but each are presented in various ways, with riddles, puzzles and anagrams all available for playing. The game is made better through sixty minutes of HD video footage, plus a lot of images that are associated with each question.
  • My Word Coach (Wii) – the purpose of this video game is to improve vocabulary and communication skills. For those who are very passionate about the written word and spoken language, this game is perfect for any level. The game itself features a dictionary built within that contains around 17,000 words. These words are used to test to you in the aim of checking your knowledge. This is done through a series of mini games. After setting the difficulty level and evaluating your competence level, the game will also show you results that will help you improve your communication and verbal skills.

One thing about these games is that there is no age limit to play at all. Adults who want to sharpen their memory and at the same time improve their knowledge can also utilise these games to their leisure.


aston-martin-rapideImage from: http://www.astonmartincarhire.com/ 

Top 5 Racing & Super-car games

There are hundreds of good, if not thousands of car racing games on the market today. We found 2 articles we thought were good, At autoexpress and here, but we disagreed with a few so decided to write our own quick round up in our very un-expert opinion. Un-expert is that a word? Anyway moving on.

Ferrari1.) Forza

The most realistic games on the market, with hundreds of hyper realistic maps and thousands of very real car driving styles.

2.) Gran Turismo

The giant in the online gaming world and was originally created back in the olden days (when it comes to online gaming). But now the PS3 version is out and we are all stoked and excited to get through it. Personally I haven’t had chance to play more than about 2 hours on this, but a well built game none the less, what we have learnt to expect from the team at GT.

We will take a break with our list to show you this video, these are the top 10 games according to the top YouTube channel on this subject. Enjoy, and remember to let us know if you agree.

3.) Grid 2

The new kid on the bloc and I game I haven’t personally played, but one of the top 5 choices by all 15 experts we interviewed in relation to this article. You can get this on PC, PS3 or Xbox360/1. This game also includes a variety of racing styles and not just the F1/turbo/supercar scene we are used to.

4.) F1 2014

Couldn’t have a top 5 list without a game dedicated to formula 1. One of the best games on the market if you are looking for realism. At a very reasonable £20 nowadays, this is a great game for people who are looking for an F1 experience without the price tag of going to these F1 racing days. Although if you are interested there are loads near you!

5.) Need for Sport

Still holds a soft spot in the hearts of racing game fans. Probably the original racing game that was actually any good. Character or car based and although probably not on the same scale of realistic (ness) but still a great game for people who are “into” cars, but not really interested in the whole “549.5” horsepower.

Remember if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the MOEcul team, we will be happy to have a chat, and if you have any gaming or car-racing related questions we would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading as always.



Safe Online Gaming Tips for Children

The prevalence of online gaming in today’s society has led to increased risks for users during their experiences with games, particularly to children of youth.

1.) Parental Controls

On Internet gaming consoles nowadays, many options exist for parents to set password-locking controls on content so that their children may not access it This includes limiting apps, games, videos, and other mature-level content from being displayed when the preferences are set to this standard, similar to a television. For console garners in particular, safety settings can be monitored from their personal account (or gamer tag), by accessing them through in-game options. Similarly, many of a computer’s options can be altered in either the Control Panel or the parent’s main profile, as they can change settings for secondary accounts used by guests or children.

2.) Virus & Safety Protection

Although gaming consoles are slightly more protected to this, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers are particularly vulnerable to spyware or damaging files that can alter your security encryption. Asa result, be sure to use an updated Firewall with proper anti-virus.

However, children have a tendency to be easily manipulated by those who offer something “too good to be true”. Therefore, it must be instilled by parents into their children to NEVER reveal personal information to ANYONE they do not know on the internet, including: passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information that can be used to obtain illegitimate access.

In addition, they must be urged against downloading files without permission, regardless of the device. If a reasonable adult is unable to affirm the safety of a potential download, it should not be downloaded.

3.) Cyber-bullying

Finally, a phenomenon sweeping the world of gaming is the term labeled as “cyber-bullying”. Cyber bullying is generally defined as sending intimidating or threatening messages while using electronic communication, usually in an attempt to put others down. It is also worth noting that children are susceptible targets who seldom admit the occurrence of such events.

Because of their tendency to not admit to being cyber-bullied, the following tips are for parents to suggest to their children in order to avoid being emotionally devastated by a cyberbully: – Ignore them – Leave the game and choose a new one to play – Turn the game off and return again later

If your child is emotionally distraught as a result of cyber bullying and you are worried about potential risks, parents can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255).