Safe Online Gaming Tips for Children

The prevalence of online gaming in today’s society has led to increased risks for users during their experiences with games, particularly to children of youth.

1.) Parental Controls

On Internet gaming consoles nowadays, many options exist for parents to set password-locking controls on content so that their children may not access it This includes limiting apps, games, videos, and other mature-level content from being displayed when the preferences are set to this standard, similar to a television. For console garners in particular, safety settings can be monitored from their personal account (or gamer tag), by accessing them through in-game options. Similarly, many of a computer’s options can be altered in either the Control Panel or the parent’s main profile, as they can change settings for secondary accounts used by guests or children.

2.) Virus & Safety Protection

Although gaming consoles are slightly more protected to this, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers are particularly vulnerable to spyware or damaging files that can alter your security encryption. Asa result, be sure to use an updated Firewall with proper anti-virus.

However, children have a tendency to be easily manipulated by those who offer something “too good to be true”. Therefore, it must be instilled by parents into their children to NEVER reveal personal information to ANYONE they do not know on the internet, including: passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information that can be used to obtain illegitimate access.

In addition, they must be urged against downloading files without permission, regardless of the device. If a reasonable adult is unable to affirm the safety of a potential download, it should not be downloaded.

3.) Cyber-bullying

Finally, a phenomenon sweeping the world of gaming is the term labeled as “cyber-bullying”. Cyber bullying is generally defined as sending intimidating or threatening messages while using electronic communication, usually in an attempt to put others down. It is also worth noting that children are susceptible targets who seldom admit the occurrence of such events.

Because of their tendency to not admit to being cyber-bullied, the following tips are for parents to suggest to their children in order to avoid being emotionally devastated by a cyberbully: – Ignore them – Leave the game and choose a new one to play – Turn the game off and return again later

If your child is emotionally distraught as a result of cyber bullying and you are worried about potential risks, parents can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255).

How to choose a Racing Game

If you are in the Mood for Speed then it’s time to choose a Racing Game: There are a lot of options out there, ‘Wii Sports” , for example, is great fun. My daughters and myself have spent hours Racing around in Boats, Airplanes and in Cars and Trucks.Each Sport has it’s own bit of excitement. It all depends on the feeling that you have at the moment, Speeding across the Water having to stay in between the Obstacle Barriers, Flying through Clouds shooting down Balloons or Racing through a Tunnel and around tight corners and ledges against other competitors, it’s up to you There are many ways to satisfy your appetite for Speed.

The favorite of the day is actually “Grand Theft Auto”, although Speed is not the only factor in this Racing Game, it is a lot of Fun! In order to play this Racing Game you must Speed! After all, when stealing a vehicle there needs to be a fast “Get Away”! This Game, however, is not for the faint at heart. It’s entertaining, yes, but you will need to have an opened mind to work your way through the streets. This Game is “All Out” Head Bashing and Cruising the Hood. The Need for Speed in a Racing Game is quenched in the Simplest Manner sometimes, if you check the App Store on your iPhone there are endless possibilities. From the “Easy Rider Racer”, to the “Expert Advanced” Stage. I personally enjoy the Bear Grilles Adventure Racing Game.

I love the Survival Show and all to learn. I could watch Episode after Episode and enjoy every minute. He takes you out into the Wild and Teaches a great Lesson. Really makes you feel like you are there. The Game has him speeding across Jungles, Leaping through the air and near missing the pits and ditches of the runway. Great Fun! Children enjoy the old Hand Held machine Racing Games, with their favorite Characters. They got to pick who they wanted to be, the Dragon or the Penguin and what Racing Car they wanted.

They even had Trading Cards to exchange. Many a day of playing Racing Games. It was the Coin Collecting and watching out for the Mine Pits and Monsters with Clubs that made it so fun. Those Programs had you swimming under water and dodging bullets while running and jumping at the same time! You had to GO FAST in order to make it through the Course or you could be clobbered!